Chris very quickly integrated into our existing team, understood our business model and identified key areas we needed to address with a marketing audit to deliver significant impact on revenue and huge improvements to our customer experience. He was instrumental in supporting the senior team through an investment due diligence process, preparing the marketing plan for scaling the business, taking the investors through the plan (a credible expert when under cross examination!) and putting the foundations in place for this growth post funding. Although we had a marketing team in place, Chris’ approach of organising collaborative workstreams across the business to focus on the biggest priorities allowed us to accelerate change by finding better ways of working. I enjoyed working with Chris immensely and learnt loads from him – the wealth of experience he brings from different businesses grappling with the same problems we were facing together with his direct and clear communication style was a short cut to success.

Karen Barrett
Founder/CEO at Unbiased
  • Unbiased is a successful start-up in the UK, operating for 9 years; a leading platform to match millions of customers with independent financial advisors. 
  • Unbiased not only deals with the consumer marketing challenge of driving customers through the marketplace but also offers a subscription model for a B2B audience. The B2B audience is the revenue stream.
  • It is the market leader who has  a proven track record of good growth, a strong business model, cash in the bank, and desire to drive onto the next step in investment.
The Challenge
  • After 9 successful years of driving customer experience and fast growth, I was brought in to see how prepared they were for the future.  How well set up was their customer funnel and their acquisition strategy?
  • To ensure substantial growth targets in the future are met, it is important to establish the right strategy, infrastructure, team, and model.
  • Conduct a marketing audit to establish the above.
  • Understand the opportunity to re-engineer the business.
  • Immediate priority – drive growth into business and help secure investment.
The Approach
  • Flash audit:
    • Looking at the acquisition model, audience and forensic analysis of customer funnel
    • Analyse value proposition
    • Assessment of brand proposition
    • Consider value exchange between consumer and professional
  • Initial Detailed analysis conducted over 18 days, engaging with the team, reviewing documentation, and delivering a written report as to the findings.
  • As the organisation had reached a level of maturity, a step-change in marketing and product development was required. The existing approach was not wrong but could be optimized to drive success faster.
  • Rather than focusing on acquisition first, the opportunity was to ensure that customer experience and customer funnel was effective from end to end.
  • In order for market place propositions to work, they must add value both for consumers and sellers. 
  • Getting the basics right is essential before driving any acquisition investment – end-to-end customer experience is the first step to driving a sustainable brand proposition, 
  • To set up for the long term, we needed to reset the alignments between vision, brand, product, and marketing.
  • After a successful audit and a period of “Autumn”  cleaning, we ensured that the customer experience funnel was fully optimised and product organisation was sustainable for the future.
  • Created the right environment to secure investment and enter a due diligence phase base. 
  • Successfully completed an investment round of £5million 
  • Initiated a further phase to help the organisation scale up and set the strategy and culture in order to deliver P.E targets.
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