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I worked with Chris over a couple of months. He helped us understand our customers to inform a rebrand project, and give us direction for our marketing strategy. From day one, Chris immediately understood what was working for our business and it was clear he could see the potential of where we could get to. Chris surveyed our customers to get a deep understanding of who they are and what they want from our product. A number of insightful perspectives were derived and presented back which fed in to our rebrand and roadmap. In addition Chris created a number of detailed personas for us to use day-to-day in the business, and created a really simple marketing strategy for us to get to our next stage of growth. As well as having a deep understanding of marketing, Chris really took the time to understand what is important to us as a business and provided incredible support to take our marketing to the next level. I would really recommend Chris as a marketing expert. He can quickly get up to speed and add a lot of value in a short space of time.

Jonny White
Director at Ticket Tailor
  • Ticket Tailor is run by entrepreneurial founder Jonny White and is on an inspiring journey based on strong, organic growth.
  • The company operates with a strong sense of belief, a core team enjoying what they do and a founder with a mindset to go about things differently. 
  • Core values of independence, transparency, and desire to grow with a clear purpose will be an essential part to define the next stage of the brand. 
The Challenge
  • Ticketing is a crowded market with Eventbrite as the market leader, offering a SAAS based platform to service 50 million active ticket buyers. 
  • The UK event market is worth £42 billion.
  • 1.3 million business to business events in the UK. 
  • Ticket Tailor has previously positioned itself as a low-cost alternative and had carved out a niche amongst the charity sector with a broad spectrum of event organisers. The market is not short of potential, but successful brands, in order to stand out, need to be clear on their audience, their unique offering, and their roadmap to success. 
  • I was brought in Summer 2019 to help assess the opportunities to scale exponentially and shape how Ticket Tailor could make the most of their unique position. 
  • Reposition the brand
    • Create repositioning that feels natural, fresh, and exciting, letting the product do the talking. 
  • The overriding goal was to do all of this with a strong focus on culture, ensuring it remained in line with the brand values of Jonny and the team. 
The Approach
  • For this proposition I collaborated with Giles Brenard, a creative guru – we had previously worked at The Guardian and  I brought Creative Director, Giles, in to help at Freeformers, articulate, create and visualize the new brand. 
  • Whilst I provided the strategic overview and shaped the plans and direction, Giles provides the expertise in  Brand Mapping, strategic brand options,  positioning, messaging  and challenges around overall strategy. The combined approach achieves an impactful results-focused creative solution. 
  • The steps to achieve a full understanding of the opportunity and to define a clear positioning were:
    • Evaluating opportunities and risks within the marketplace
    • Using research to ensure the voice of the customer is heard
    • Articulate the vision of the founder and the culture of the company
    • Define the brand and what you stand for
    • Develop messaging, tone of voice and style guide
    • Provide an outline for the brand product marketing strategy for the next steps 
  • Founder vision, product roadmap, and customer needs have to seamlessly integrate. 
  • A clear positioning is needed to stand out in a crowded market place, the team required to scale up may well be different to the team that has brought you so far on the journey – great ideas can come from anywhere in the organisation.
  • Good creative execution is dependent on a full understanding of customer needs. 
  • New organisational structure to support the founder in his ambition.
  •  A fully articulated positioning, leading to a new website and brand positioning as a phase 2.
  • Clear space created for Ticket Tailor to meet the brief by Giles Brenard – “You dream it, we’ll ticket it”. “Whether it’s your first event ever or your biggest event yet, we make it simple to sell tickets online”.
  • A clear proposition backed up by social proof.
  • 5-star Trustpilot, Google ratings, and countless testimonials to remind prospective audiences of the human element.
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