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Chris has been working with GDS since May 2022. Chris has been a steadfast sounding board and advisor in reshaping how we talk about the organisation, communicate our purpose and has worked with a number of my senior team. Through recommendations on our organisation's messaging, strategic planning on how to communicate our flagship service GOV.UK One Login and a collective effort to reshape the Communications team's skills and responsibilities, Chris and Moreno have challenged us along the way while working very closely with everyone ensuring a lasting positive change. Chris’s calm demeanour, wide-ranging experience and invaluable advice have had a positive impact on GDS communications.

Tom Read
The Brief
  • The Government Digital Service (GDS) is a digital start-up that sits right at the heart of the government.

  • GDS’s mission is to simplify, clarify, and expedite digital government services for all citizens, aiming for better user experiences and cost-effectiveness.

The Solution
  • Leveraged expertise in marketing to amplify the reach and impact of GDS initiatives, fostering greater awareness and participation among target audiences.

  • Offered coaching and support to key leaders, contributing to their professional development and enhancing their effectiveness in navigating government processes.

  • Significant progress in the recruitment programme, with a diverse range of tech talent attracted nationally, contributing to GDS’s goal of building a skilled workforce.

  • Recognition of GDS’s achievements and impact, reflecting positively on the dedication and expertise of its leadership and teams.

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