The Brief
  • Conduct a pre-investment audit to answer critical questions about Plandek’s foundations and its readiness for sustainable growth.

  • The key areas of focus included understanding the current status of Plandek, evaluating its potential for growth, and identifying the necessary steps for a successful next phase.

The Solution
  • The audit revealed that Plandek was well-positioned to capitalise on investment and market opportunities. While the organisation is undergoing transformation, certain changes in skills, strategy, and resources were required to maintain a competitive edge Moreno identified a number of areas in which Plandek could strengthen its place in the market.
  • Plandek secured £4.5M in funding in 2022.

  • Plandek has a solid plan, a strong team, and a disruptive tool, positioning it well in a growing market.

  • Moreno suggests focusing on key areas such as strategic marketing, product refinement, and securing resources to unlock Plandek’s growth potential and become an industry leader.

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