Moreno’s Marketing Fundamentals: 6 ways to transform digitally and stay ahead of the curve while avoiding the hype

Moreno’s Marketing Fundamentals: 6 ways to transform digitally and stay ahead of the curve while avoiding the hype

Welcome to the first instalment of our exciting new series: Moreno’s Marketing Fundamentals. We’ve designed this series to deliver practical insights and actionable tips to help Marketing Managers and Heads of Marketing thrive within their business. Each blog in this series will discuss essential strategies and innovations that will guide you and your business to success.

The first episode will talk through our top 6 tips to help you transform digitally. Digital transformation is ingrained into many businesses, but in some, it still does not have a clear owner. Marketing picks up a lot of digital transformation initiatives early, be it mobile development, the use of new digital channels in the past or the use of AI in the future, which are all important to leverage. 


Digital transformation

We’ve been focused on the impact of digital transformation in marketing for years and are still trying to stay ahead of the curve with the latest advancements, so we’ve pulled together our top 6 ways to do this successfully. 

With such a progressive tech landscape, particularly with the latest version of AI, the ability to adapt and transform digitally is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. Digital transformation influences every aspect of business, from operational efficiency to customer engagement, making it critical for staying competitive in a technology-driven market.


6 ways to transform digitally

  1. Make use of emerging technologies – Staying current with technological advancements is crucial. The rise of AI, for instance, offers businesses unprecedented opportunities to enhance decision-making and improve customer experiences. We’ve found it most useful to minimise time spent on our every day, sometimes automated, tasks. If you’re a Marketing Head, you should be getting your team to use AI and making the most of it. Experiment first and be prepared to roll it back and make mistakes. It evolves every day and there is a lot of hype – not all of it comes true. We’re doing lots of research and work around AI and have written a deeper dive on this in a recent blog which you can check out here.

  2. Optimising online experiences – As marketers, we understand that captivating your audience is the most important part when getting them to consider converting. The design of your user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) plays an important role in how long customers engage with your content and how likely they are to return. Remember, customers interact with your brand on EVERY platform, so make sure they have a good experience wherever they go – that may be your website, socials, partner pages, or anywhere else you appear. This may seem like an obvious one, but it is important for the Marketing Head to ensure this is being done, as this is usually the first point of contact for customers. If the first interaction a customer has with your company is positive, they’ll likely have a better experience overall.

  3. Implement data-driven strategies – Data is the cornerstone of strategic business decisions. In terms of marketing, analysing which pages your customers visit the most and their behaviours on your site can be most useful. You can then tailor your digital spaces to better meet their needs and (hopefully) increase conversion rates. Without data and clear evidence, it can be difficult to bring your management team around, and as a result, difficult to gather the budget you need. If your management team isn’t quite on board with the proposed method of digital transformation yet, pulling up data can help back your approach.

  4. Continue to innovate – Innovation isn’t just about new ideas; it’s about creating a culture that embraces trial and error. Encourage your team to experiment and collaborate creatively to discover solutions that propel your marketing and business forward. Find ways to keep this under the radar. 

  5. Invest in digital skills development – With digital technologies advancing rapidly, continually upskilling your workforce is necessary. Investing in training and development programmes can build robust digital capabilities and keep your team ahead of the curve. At Moreno, we’re continuously expanding our skills in AI and have started to offer workshops on how to take advantage of the opportunity of AI in marketing – if you’re interested in hearing more about this, drop me a message on LinkedIn or email me at: 

  6. Try other media routes – Expanding into the latest media superstars like TikTok or building your own GPTs can provide a fresh way to connect with your audience. Showing the real people behind your brand builds trust and enhances reliability. Your team likely has great skill and personality, so why not show it off?

So, these are our top 6 actionable ways you, as a Marketing Head, can embrace digital transformation and stay competitive. It would be great to hear your top tips for staying ahead of the curve and continuing to transform digitally – join the conversion in the comments.

Stay tuned for our next instalment of the ‘Moreno’s Marketing Fundamentals’ series, where we will continue to equip Heads of Marketing and Marketing Managers with the knowledge and tools needed for success in the world of marketing.