Intuitus is the leading provider of independent expert technology and digital advice to the European private equity sector and midmarket companies. They maximise value from origination, to exit by providing the best in class tech experts and drawing deep insight from a hundred C level experts.

The Challenge

The organisation was well structured; evolving from a relationship-based sale, there was an ambition to capitalize on the success of sustained growth since 2002 and to ensure that Intuitus positioned itself in a contemporary manner against the competition. It also wanted to take advantage of the convergence between digital orientated businesses, creating a springboard for greater growth internationally. 

  • The goal was to build a solid value proposition, best in class sales and marketing strategy, and clear repositioning ready for a relaunch, ensuring consensus across the leadership team. 
  • Other goals:
    • Build a roadmap to create a robust go to market plan
    • A step change the sales and marketing strategy
    • Support and elevator pitch positioning
    • Repackaging of Intuitus products and services
The Approach
  • B2B marketing requires a different approach to B2C, but increasingly it borrows techniques from the B2C sector (branding, data capture, targeted content strategy.) 
  • The focus of the initial engagement was based on research and analysis, looking at customer/competitor context, opportunities, and unique selling points – culminated in a one day workshop providing a blueprint for further action.
  • Output 1:
    • Repositioning
    • Value proposition
    • Messaging and values
    • A clear understanding of the proposition
    • Strengths and opportunities
  • Output 2: 
    • A detailed roadmap and project plan – outlining all sections required, providing a detailed marketing plan to get there
    • Deliver a go-to-market plan
    • An articulation of the different audiences and top-line messages, working through the value proposition – what it means now and what it could mean
    • Providing an overview of products, channels, and markets,
    • A quick-fire workshop to provide clarity, inspiration, and collaboration on brand direction
  • Creating a marketing framework in a workshop approach allows an opportunity to bring the senior leadership team on to the same page. 
  • In order to be clear on what you need to do, you need to understand where you want to get to.
  • Education as to the importance and value of marketing in relation to sales activity can take longer to bed-in within B2B organisations but can have a greater impact. 
  • Intuitus has relaunched with a new website and new positioning,
  • Intuitus was acquired by Endava in November. 
  • A blueprint outlining the visions, brand hierarchy, target personas, product roadmap, and marketing approach were delivered ready for the next stage. 
  • Intuitus will strengthen Endava’s IT due diligence advisory for capacity – the strong positioning would help expand this private equity client base.
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