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Chris and the Moreno Marketing team were instrumental in the strategic realigning of IPSE’s marketing and subsequent product launch at a time of great change in the company. Chris and his team didn’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves and work alongside the internal talent to methodically work through everything. Chris was able to quickly pivot direction when the COVID-19 pandemic affected the original plans. He partnered with IPSE to help develop a new strategy that would better meet the needs of our members and staff. I would highly recommend Chris and the Moreno Marketing team for not only their expertise but also their ability to rapidly identify what is needed and seamlessly complement existing talent to deliver what was needed.

Derek Cribb
Interim CEO, IPSE

I brought Chris onboard to assess IPSE's overall marketing direction and activities and to advise me on a planned new product launch. Chris was very quickly able to grasp the underlying fundamentals and was of great assistance to me in identifying and developing the necessary strands for organisational transformation and I found his analysis and data-driven approach to be extremely valuable in making some tough decisions. Chris and his team also added huge value to the new product development process, directing us to areas we might otherwise have though less important. His experience and skill in setting out a robust new product development roadmap and designing a testing programme to evaluate NPD were invaluable. His support in making it all happen was second to none and there's no doubt his contribution to the overall process was of immense help. I highly recommend Chris and will hopefully work with him again in the future

Chris Bryce
Former CEO of IPSE

Chris quickly got to grips with our priorities as a membership organisation and within a very short period of time made insightful observations and suggestions that showed his depth of knowledge and understanding both of marketing and us as a organisation. Chris worked closely with our all our teams, particularly supporting the leadership team and developing the knowledge and expertise in the marketing team. He undertook a marketing audit, which high-lighted key improvements to our member experience which could have a significant impact on our member retention and acquisition. Chris was excellent at presenting this vision and roadmap and got buy-in from all levels in the organisation, from the Board down. Chris worked with the leadership team to develop a transformation plan which helped us focus on areas that would have the most impact. His product development strategy including testing product development and marketing assumptions with potential members, to ensure that there was evidence to inform product development decisions. I really enjoyed working with Chris. Both his marketing experience and his ability to get under the skin of an organisation and communicate transformational change in a clear, visionary style means he can add value in a short timescale.

Caroline Morgan
Former CEO of IPSE
  • IPSE is the Institute of Professional Self Employed; an association set up to protect the rights of the 5 million self-employed in the UK. With 16,000 members, they have focused on protecting the rights of contractors and protesting against government plans to implement IR35.
  • They recognise the changing trends of freelancers and independent professionals and they are in the process of product development; ensuring that the offering is relevant to all of the self-employed community.
  • IPSE has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of the self-employed during the COVID-19 crisis. They have successfully lobbied the government, ensuring “no one is left behind.”
The Challenge
  • I was brought in to evaluate their new product development plans, and create a strategy for both their existing membership campaign and their new product development roadmap.
  • Remaining relevant to a loyal core audience, whilst expanding to new areas.
  • Driving awareness of an association via a combination of campaigning, marketing, and research.
The Approach
  • After an initial marketing audit; evaluating the strategy, infrastructures, resources, and ideas, and research, I provided findings to the IPSE board.
  • I was then responsible for implementing a test plan for product development which had the following constituent parts: 
    • Need to soft launch new product development
    • Creating a strong testing programme providing opportunity to explore different hypotheses and different a/b tests for pricing point models
    • Assessment of current proposition 
    • Work alongside the existing leadership team, IPSE board, and senior and junior members of IPSE to bring the strategy to life.
  • By working in a collaborative fashion and understanding that there is no perfect answer, the proposition was allowed to unfold, breathe, and gain a new life. 
  • “Learn fast fail quickly”
  • Never forget the value provided by your core assets and your core membership base, whilst looking for new opportunities – always start at home. 
  • Changes in the macro-environment can significantly alter your brand awareness and product requirements as we found with the onset of the pandemic. 
  • Helped refocus the profile of IPSE and the lobbying of the government during COVID-19
  • Successful launch of
    • After a test process evaluating whether to proceed against seven success criteria.
  • Shaping a membership organisation to better meet the needs of the existing and future audience.
  • Acting as an interim CMO during the development phase, implementation and launch as well as steadying the ship during these turbulent times.
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