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Chris is an extremely insightful leader and thinker in the areas of customer insight, data mining and digital direct marketing. He is both strategic and practical in the implementation of his ideas.

Luke Alvarez
CEO Inspired Gaming Group

A UK B2B start-up that has grown into a global game’s content and technology company. Operating in 35 countries with £30mil EBITDA and a portfolio of games content, software, and hardware.

The Challenge

Appointed to lead & transform the NPD, customer experience, game production & marketing functions across China (Beijing), South America (Colombia) and Europe (Rome, London, Birmingham) 

  • The goal was to build and lead the Inspired Customer Experience and Insight team to deliver growth and investor value, with a focus in China (Beijing and Tianjin) to run a 30-day research programme for NPD. 
  • Other goals:
    • Product management and customer experience functional leadership (growing the team to 100+ in six international and five UK locations) 
The Approach
  • Developed a global research network, utilising UX practices & A/B testing to segment games
  • Led NPD programme “Trailblaze” a 5-year product development path in collaboration with key customers
  • Drove on-screen merchandising via recommendation engines.
  • Created a hero product brand license strategy managed production shoot with talent e.g. Mike Tyson.
  • Creating a tailored marketing framework with each market to ensure customer needs are met with the segment of games offered.
  • Developed an analysis based sell for customers
  • In order to be clear about what you need to do, you need to understand your end-user. 
  • Organisation needed to be centered on product management, UX, and analysis.
  • NASDAQ listed in 2014 
  • Collaboration with key customers leading to a 100% renewal rate of 3 different £10m+ contracts.
  • Optimise pricing and game choice increase of £1M+ profit/annum 
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