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Julia and I have been really impressed with the way Moreno approached this project and led us through the process in a structured and well-defined manner. It was so useful to have a group of people with different areas of expertise to guide us and make us look at the business from different angles and really think about what we want to achieve and how to go about doing that. I would highly recommend the Moreno team.

Nina Langford
The Challenge

In 2020 COVID-19 changed the way the world runs. No longer were people meeting face-to-face or gathering in art galleries, in fact, for a few months, all hiring was frozen while people figured out what was happening. This included DRAW Recruitment, a boutique recruitment agency specialising in recruitment for art and luxury market sector jobs. 

DRAW Recruitment was founded in 2016 and needed to quickly pivot to stay ahead of the competition. Despite DRAW Recruitment having over 20 years of experience, an extensive client and candidate database, and alongside their personal touch in recruitment, they knew that was not going to be enough in these unprecedented times. They needed to regroup, refocus, and come out stronger on the other end – better to meet the needs of their clients in a post-pandemic world. 


DRAW Recruitment came to us knowing that something needed to be done but they weren’t sure exactly what. They knew that their competition was strong but they knew their personal approach to candidate and job matching was something special. They knew they wanted to keep their friendly, down-to-earth, and professional feel while future-proofing their business. They also had a hunch that they needed to launch a new website as well as optimise their web presence and SEO. What they really were looking for was guidance on what their next steps should be. 

The Approach

Moreno Marketing interviewed the key stakeholders in their team, along with the two founders, to get a feel for the issues and what would be the best return. What we found was a very warm, bright, and motivated team that truly did embody the feelings of “the art of the perfect fit.” The DRAW team was very excited to be working alongside the Moreno Marketing team to learn about data analysis and segmentation, SEO, Performance Marketing, branding, and a workshop to get a new website build kicked off – all done remotely during lockdown! 


During this project, we found a few key things they needed to focus on:

  • By cleaning and properly segmenting their data they were able to learn more about their customers and even had a few surprises in what they learned 
  • The brand refresh would help improve their search rankings as before it wasn’t consistent, sometimes appearing as D.R.A.W., D.R.A.W, or DRAW. They decided to drop all of the punctuation in their name for simplicity and had a brand refresh as a result 
  • The website needed to be revised to support the new strategy and we helped to write a brief for a new website
  • A tailored plan on optimising their web presence and conversion funnel 

During this eight-week project, we were able to help the team clean and segment their data, optimise the best channels of social media and communication for them, find their tone of voice, refresh their branding, and kick off the website build. It was a very busy eight weeks but the team rose to the challenge and was able to achieve all of this remotely! 

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