Chris is an excellent marketeer, he really understands what customers want and how to engage acquire and retain, but he stands out as a great strategist. He is super smart, fast, professional and very easy to work with. I trust his judgement and would ask his advice or bounce off ideas for almost anything. I hope we have a chance to work together again.

Marina Cheal
CMO, Cushon
The Brief
  • Sought our expertise during negotiations with Natwest for a majority stake of £144 million. Cushon needed to solidify their marketing framework and refine their proposition development strategy to maintain their competitive edge while undergoing such a great transition.

The Solution
  • An initial audit to identify key areas for change within their marketing and product teams. 

  • Collaborating closely with their leadership,we crafted a robust framework for Cushon’s future marketing endeavors. 

  • Leveraging our expertise, we facilitated the development of a strategic roadmap that positioned Cushon as a market leader. 

  • Additionally, we provided guidance on proposition development, ensuring that Cushon remained at the forefront of innovation in the financial technology sector.

  • Streamlined marketing and product strategies for increased efficiency. 

  • Clear alignment of marketing efforts to business objectives.

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