Celebrating Triumphs & Inspiring Transformations

Moreno Unofficial New Years Honours

As 2023 comes to an end, we have been reflecting on what a remarkable year it has been for Moreno Marketing and the companies we have had the pleasure to work with. One of the reasons I do what I do is because I continue to learn from great people around me, old and new.

So in no particular order here are my unofficial New Year Honours. As with all honours, it’s as much a shout-out for the teams and the support network behind them.

Gravity – Michael and Harvey Jenkinson continue to defy Gravity and any other obstacle! They launched ANOTHER amazing Gravity Max site in Liverpool. Even more exciting than the first. When I met them both at the height of Covid with six weeks to launch. I was amazed by their self-belief and they continue to back themselves and beat all expectations. Adding to their team with Miranda and Gareth, it looks like 2024 is truly going to be their year. – Inspirational

Inpart, a Sheffield-based start-up, now part of the multinational biotech organisation Inova, has taken the brand name of this much smaller organisation and relaunched with new global roles for the two founders Patrick Speedie and Robin Knight. It’s been a privilege to mentor Alex Stockham. – Determined

Cushon – We conducted an initial marketing audit during Cushon’s negotiations with Natwest for a majority stake of £144 million, and worked with the Marketing and Product team to establish a strong framework for a future Marketing team and strategy, before helping to define how proposition development can work going forward – a crucial element in ensuring the offering stayed ahead of the pack. Ben Pollard, the founder is one of the most visionary founders I have had to work with and a great example of identifying a clear gap in the market and turning it into an outstanding business reality, whilst Marina Cheal – a long-term friend and collaborator – is one of the finest CMO, Managing Directors and Operators in the business, once more demonstrating how to lead from the front and get sh*t done. Whilst new colleague and CPO Dominic Manley demonstrated how to open your arms and embrace a new future and all the challenges it throws at you on a daily basis. – Mindblowing

Cloudhouse – Initially we completed an audit of their marketing strategy and business and assisted in developing a brand proposition for both existing and new products as well as providing an outsourced Marketing team. This year, we helped develop the branding of their expanding product family and maintained a consistent level of content, while ensuring they remained hot news in the tech community. With two mind-blowing products Alchemy and Guardian and a smart deal with AWS. It’s been great to watch Mat Clothier and the team continue to drive forward. – Momentum

Government Digital Service – It’s important to remember behind all of the political headlines good and bad, and let’s face it, mainly bad. There is an army of Civil Servants dedicated to their job. I’ve been working with the Government Digital Service, Tom Read, and his top team since May 2022 and their ambition, know-how, intelligence, determination and quality of the teams matches some of the best I have seen.

GDS is a digital start-up that sits right at the heart of the government. Their mission is to make digital government simpler, clearer and faster for everyone in the country,  as well-designed digital services are better for users and cheaper for the taxpayer. It’s inspiring to see what ground they cover. GOV.UK is used by millions of people every week and it’s awesome to see what Christine Bellamy and team have planned next.

GOV.UK One Login is a new digital identity service that will enable everyone in the country to prove their identity and log in to any government service. This £300m programme now has more than 400 designers, software engineers, and data scientists delivering a ground-breaking, biometrics-based solution. Natalie Jones OBE leads a formidable team. A huge undertaking with a huge communication task and it’s been a privilege to work on this.

And finally, there is a ridiculously ambitious recruitment programme of the highest tech talent and a need to recruit a diverse range of skills nationally focused around Bristol and Manchester. Erin Robinson has driven this tirelessly and championed Women in Tech with the support of Chris Watson, who I have had the privilege to coach, as he continues to coach me on how best to navigate government. – Unsung.

15gifts is a Brighton-based marketing tech start-up and brainchild of Tom Cox. With a revolutionary product roadmap and aggressive “Go to Market” plan it has been humbling to see what they have achieved so far on limited resources and the commitment to deliver on aggressive targets that will put them firmly on the map. Full of belief and optimism  – it’s been a real pleasure working with Georgia Tregear the CRO and team to get the marketing and sales foundations in place in order to do that.  I can’t wait to see what can be achieved in 2024. – Humbling

Moreno – It’s astounding to think that I’ve been leading Moreno for five years now, collaborating with over 30 organisations to facilitate their digital and company transformations. None of this would be possible without three essential individuals: Ella Chadney and Jeannette La, who have been with me from the beginning, and Patricia Lawson, my wife and better half, who keeps me grounded, driven and happy. We’ve launched a shiny new website www.moreno.co.uk featuring numerous case studies and success stories, and I look forward to continuing our outstanding work with existing clients while forging new relationships with organisations seeking to scale. – Grateful