Chris introduced a commercial marketing audit to frame the key areas of opportunity and improvement. this upfront analysis allowed us to pinpoint areas where we could get the most return out of any intervention…a clever and innovative approach!

Nick Bradley
CEO, AdviserPlus
  • Reestablishing why we exist and what problems we solve?
  • Build a sustainable marketing and sales strategy to underpin the PE growth targets.
  • Create a pipeline of leads for conversion in the sales funnel.
  • Establish a toolkit to help improve proposition development and enable sales.
  • Help to redefine the brand positioning, messaging, marketing and sales materials.
  • Look at the organisational structure and advise on how to effectively manage the sales and marketing teams to optimise performance.
  • Create a stronger link between strategy and the overall customer experience – marketing, enabled sales, product definition, delivery.

The baton change

A seamless handover from marketing to sales is essential. In some organisations, this is large enough to be two functions, in others it is the same person.  Either way, the key is that you nurture the leads through the sales funnel from prospect to MQL to SQL. In my experience, 9 times out of 10 it is not the customer lead that goes cold- it is the handover throughout the funnel.

The sales funnel

By establishing a strong and extended content strategy, we were able to qualify the leads at an early stage. In many B2B markets the lead time can be 12-24 months, it is essential to ensure that you start building the relationship early. It can be done digitally, which ultimately is more cost effective, but it is not an overnight fix.

Qualify your leads

Score the contacts as you go to make sure that you are clear on how to treat the leads and so that everyone can sign up to the same criteria.  We used Hubspot to manage this process.

Fix the basics

A content strategy is only effective if:

 1) You have a well organised data capture and CRM programme

 2) A fully optimised site.

  • Revised brand proposition
  • We isolated the core essence of Adviser plus what was it that made it unique
  • “For HR by HR. Driving business success through people performance.”
  • Leads increased 6 fold in 2 months by focusing on creating an accessible content and SEO strategy with a clear data capture and nurture path.
  • Helped shape the sale and marketing approach and team roles to drive continuity


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