About Us

We provide scale-up assistance for Investors, Private Equity Houses and Portfolio Companies, through cost-efficient, unbiased flash audits.


Our area of expertise lies with mid-level Private Equity firms that target growth or turnaround businesses across tech, SaaS, B2B and direct-to-consumer businesses.

We ensure that all marketing foundations are in place throughout the funding life cycle, giving the team the know-how on completing a successful investment round and go-to-market strategy.

Our job is done when investors are not only confident in their transaction, but the Portfolio Company is left with an actionable marketing and sales plan and ongoing support tailored to them.

Why us?

Paths to growth will always be brand, product, audience or data-focused, so it’s best to employ an expert, not a generalist to evaluate the opportunity
We pride ourselves on establishing long-lasting relationships with Investors and CEOs
What we believe in

Receive a practical marketing plan that delivers results quickly

Where it all started

“Moreno” is a glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. Within seconds, I was blown away by the clarity and impact of it. 

An awe-inspiring sight, which must go on every bucket list! What amazed me was that at the heart of this vast, complex structure, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes, were these brilliantly clear crystals. 

Just as the glacier captivated me with its remarkable qualities, that is precisely what I aim to accomplish with Moreno – creating an experience for our clients that leaves a lasting impression, while ensuring our mission and values are clearly evident.