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Chris Lawson

Founder and Virtual CMO

Chris’ goal is to provide clarity and impact for organisations on their transformation journey.

He enjoys the energy and passion of start-up and scale-up operations both B2B and B2C, and the challenge of limited budgets, and limited resources – but unlimited enthusiasm.

Chris is an accomplished CMO with 25 years of experience at the highest level.

He has a proven track record of transforming and growing businesses. He has expertise in digital marketing, SaaS, direct-to-consumer strategies and brand/product management and has worked in a range of industries from tech start-ups to global media organisations and household brands.

Chris also co-hosts Marketing Transformed: Across the Pond, a podcast where he talks about what it takes to transform your business and marketing strategy; whether you are a rising star, entrepreneur or experienced professional.

Our Community

Here’s who we work with.

Working with Chris over the last couple of years has been great. He has had a very positive impact on all things marketing-related for Inpart without any of the jargon I’ve seen from other marketers. Chris made a big difference in how we moved the business forward when we were acquired by Inova - I highly recommend him.

Patrick Speedie
Co-Founder, Inpart

Chris is an excellent marketeer, he really understands what customers want and how to engage acquire and retain, but he stands out as a great strategist. He is super smart, fast, professional and very easy to work with. I trust his judgement and would ask his advice or bounce off ideas for almost anything. I hope we have a chance to work together again.

Marina Cheal
Chief Marketing Officer, Cushon

Chris and the team at Moreno Marketing were instrumental in the launch of our flagship site at Wandsworth and helped make this the leisure success story of the year. To bring a totally new concept to London with a minimal budget, and still have the impact it did is incredible. Chris coached our in-house marketing team for 18 months and helped reshaped the brand, team and strategy, his insights were invaluable.

Harvey Jenkinson
CEO, Gravity

Across the Pond


 – co-hosted by Chris Lawson

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Receive a practical marketing plan that delivers results quickly